Moving to HTTPS: 31% of Domains Are Now Secure [STUDY]

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HTTPS Usage Among the Top 100,000 Websites.

By scrutinizing the top 100,000 domains (according to SEMrush Rank’s U.S. database), the SEMrush team discovered that HTTPS usage has tripled among these sites between 2014 and 2017.

Over the past three years, the percentage of these sites that are marked with a green padlock on your browser’s address bar has increased from 7.6 percent to 31.5 percent. That means 31,549 out of 100,000 are now using HTTPS.

HTTPS Usage Among the Fortune 500 by Sector.

For the purpose of this research, SEMrush also analyzed the largest U.S. corporations to find out how many of the top global businesses have already moved to HTTPS. By exploring companies in the Fortune 500 list, the team discovered an interesting HTTPS usage trend.

Companies with the highest percentage of HTTPS usage were in the Financial (70 percent) and Business Services (74 percent) sectors.

On the other hand, the companies with the lowest percentage of HTTPS usage were in the Aerospace & Defense and Chemicals industries, with 8 percent and 9 percent of HTTPS websites, respectively.

HTTPS Usage and Its Correlation to Google Rankings.

To check for any correlation between SERP positions and HTTPS usage, our team sampled 100,000 random keywords.

Nearly 45 percent of results in the first position and nearly 50 percent of results in the second position were secured with HTTPS, according to the data. The difference between the first and the second position can be explained by the influence of other more important ranking factors on the top result on the SERP.

Although the first position had a lower percentage of HTTPS sites than the second and third positions, the analysis showed an interesting trend on the rest of the first page.

The number of sites on the first page that were using HTTPS was steadily decreasing from positions 2 through 10. These findings as a whole supported the idea that HTTPS usage can influence website rankings on Google.

Image Credits: SEMrush


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